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What Our Customers Say...

I am a new business owner here in Denver, CO. I am currently reading your book "When the Little Things Count..." and your encouraging words and sound advice has already helped tremendously... Thank you for being an inspiration and mentor!
- Vice President

I appreciate the tools and information in your book "The Power of Positive Confrontation" and I plan to use the skills to change my life to stop feeling "angry and powerless."
- Manager

When I first got into the auto business I purchased your book "When the Little Things Count" and I really got a lot out of it. I came from a blue collar background and had no idea how to act or what to say. Thank you for such a great book.
- President

I just finished "The Power of Positive Confrontation" and felt that I had to contact you to let you know how much I enjoyed it. The advice and tools were specific and meaningful. The examples were direct and not used as "filler." I just bought two more copies that I plan to share.

I just wanted to let you know that I loved reading your book "New Rules @ Work." This is such a well-written and timely book...I agreed with everything you have mentioned in this book. Thank you for writing this book.
- Senior Director, New Business Development

Just wanted you to know I loved your book. As a matter of fact I've given out close to 20 copies of it to my supervisors and friends. I bring it up at every business opportunity.
- President and CEO

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Books & CD's By Barbara Pachter

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Essentials of Business EtiquetteThe Essentials of Business Etiquette: How to Greet, Eat, and Tweet Your Way to Success

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The Power of Positive Confrontation: Click Here to Order This BookThe Power of Positive Confrontation:
The Skills You Need to Know to Handle
Conflicts at Work, Home And In Life

New ground breaking book. A practical
and levelheaded book that will help you confront others positively.

271 pages, paperback.

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When the Little Things Count...And They Always Count: Click Here to Order This BookWhen the Little Things Count...
And They Always Count
601 Essential Things That Everyone
in Business Needs to Know

174 pages, paperback.

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New Rules @ Work: 79 Etiquette Tips, Tools and Techniques to Get Ahead and Stay Ahead: Click Here to Order This BookNew Rules @ Work: 79 Etiquette Tips, Tools and Techniques to Get Ahead and Stay Ahead

The rules that can make or break your career. Breaking in? Moving up? Trying
to make a great professional impression? Don't sweat it. In this essential guide, every mistake you shouldn't make is paired with real-life anecdotes and advice to help you build competence and confidence in the exciting arena of modern business etiquette.

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MP3 Download: Executive Presence for Women

Executive Presence for Women MP3 DownloadIn Executive Presence for Women, you'll
learn the 8 steps that are essential to a
dynamic professional image.

You'll also learn how to:

  • Correct common mistakes in your appearance
  • Assemble a powerful wardrobe, even on a tight budget
  • Send the right messages with your voice and body language
  • And much more!


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